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Supanova was AMAZING!!!
Met Katie Cassidy (Ruby - Supernatural), Rose McGowan (Paige Halliwell - Charmed) and John Barrowman (Jack Harkness - Torchwood)
I wanted to hug John … But didnt know how to ask… soooo I was all like “can we squeeze you to death?” and he was like “YEAH! Sure!”

I also gave him tim tams and an apple… It went down something like this…

Me: I saw on Instagram that you liked Tim Tams… Soooo… I thought you might like this *hands Tim tams over*
Oh! An for a healthy balance! *hands apple*
John: Naw thanks sweetie!
Hey Manu! I got more Tim Tams! Annnd a healthy balance!


I didn’t know what to say to Rose McGowan at the autograph line… and the first thing that came out was, “What is Robert Carlyle like?!”
She said “He is an amazing person and when they offered me a role on Once Upon A Time I said only if I get to be in a scene with Robert Carlyle”

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